Unique cuisine

filled with unforgettable local tastes

Each course is a work of art with local ingredients in Vietnam’s Northwest mountains, ingenious processing and a combination of colors and original flavors, giving diners a wow-worthy unique and sophisticated sensation

Indigenous recipes are inherited by the 5-star chefs of Ville De Mont Mountain Resort and elevated into sophisticated, luxurious courses or delicious BBQ parties. Locally sourced ingredients will bring diners a wow-worthy unique and sophisticated sensation.

Let’s discover food at Ville De Mont!


At Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, guests often share that they do not “have breakfast” but instead “enjoy” the essence of local cuisine thanks to the chef’s dedicated attention who pour their heart and artistic soul into the courses. It is not surprising that our beloved guests usually spend almost 2 hours every morning indulging in such a delight. Highlights of our dining menu include typical Vietnamese breakfast courses such as beef pho, chicken noodle soup, Bac Ha horse noodle soup, fish noodle soup,… and delicate Western courses with a variety of breads. Fresh out of the oven, pasta, salmon salad, Iribeco pork,…


Our lunch menu shuffles according to the season with carefully prepared courses of distinctive local recipes. Each course is a work of art from local ingredients of the Northwest mountains, ingenious processing and a combination of colors and original flavors, giving diners a wow-worthy unique and sophisticated sensation.


“For celebration parties or gathering each evening, our diverse dinner menu includes the best offerings from the Northwest mountains with a wide range of options. Carefully selected fresh Sapa sturgeon salmon, local organic pigs, juicy mountainous chicken… are prepared with exotic local spices, creating a culinary masterpiece that conquers even the most demanding guests. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert – a pinnacle of the Ville De Mont dining experience.”

Dinning by The Valley

Leaning against the Ham Rong mountain range, possessing a beautiful view of the unspoiled mountains under the Muong Hoa valley, Dining by the Valley restaurant is the ideal space to enjoy the unique cuisine at Ville De Mont. This is the place for our talented local chefs to bring life into Northwest recipes with sophistication and irresistible tastes.

A perfect place to relax and immerse yourself in the culinary delights with the nature’s marvels right in front of your eyes.

Hillside BBQ

Ville De Mont’s private BBQ meal is a unique experience. Open grass patio next to Muong Hoa valley with picturesque terraced fields.

Luxurious banquet tables, piping hot BBQ courses prepared by a private chef, and a dancing fire to warm the whole space, … will be served at Hillside BBQ for groups of 6-30 guests.

In Villa Dining

The main villa is the perfect spot to dine in privately on a special occasion with your family and friends. Whether in the balcony, living room by the wood fireplace, or in the garden courtyard, you will enjoy the offering of absolute privacy and impressive views of the Muong Hoa valley from an altitude

Our chef always guarantees his best recipes and planning for your private dining experience.

Woody Bar

One of Ville De Mont’s most notable bar spaces atop the southern Ham Rong range – Woody Bar – boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that conveys seamless view of Sapa’s sea of ​​clouds gently drifting over the valley. Cocktails and other drinks with creative combinations by our master bartenders, will not let you down.

Sky & Wine Lounge

This is an all-in-one spot: a lounge, an observatory, a spectacular place to relax and enjoy a delicate cocktail set, to catch the sunset by the Muong Hoa valley. Relaxing at Sky & Wine Lounge, you may feel as if drinking every drop of the floating cloud and the blowing wind by the valley, flowing from the tip of your lips to the depth of your soul.

Our Chef

Our chefs their teams are true artists.

Having explored different parts of the country, with more than 20 years in the profession, Chef Hung gathers the best of local seasonal ingredients and turns them into exciting authentic Vietnamese courses with his talents.

“Nature returns to nature, the wisdom in choosing the local villagers’ processing technique would delight even the most demanding diners with their sophisticated and luxurious taste wrapped up in surprise as if they were served a colorful board of endless offerings from mountains and forests. The surprise goes from appetizer, main course to dessert.”

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